Greene Transfer Station

 The Solid Waste Committee has revised the Greene Transfer Station Facility rules and fee schedule.  Each household will be issued a new 2017/2018 Transfer Station sticker and Punch Card and will be allowed to dispose of certain items free of charge. Otherwise a fee will be assessed for each item disposed of beyond those permitted on the Punch Card. Only one punch card will be issued per property. Do not lose your punch card, it can't be replaced.

For more information contact George Lavertu at the Transfer Station 946-2093 or Town Manager, Charlie Noonan at the Town Office 946-5146.

2017/2018 Transfer Station stickers are BLUE. If you don't have this color sticker, you can pick one up at the Town Office.

Household Hazardous Waste Information for Greene Residents. All hazardous waste may be taken to the Lewiston Solid Waste Facility, 424 River Rd, Lewiston (near the Wal-Mart Distribution Center).

1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month from May to November, 8:00am to noon.

FMI contact AVCOG @ 783-9186

NOTICE: All residents bringing in construction debris, must have the transfer station attendant inspect the load and he will advise the resident which area to dump the debris. If you have any questions please see attendant.

Residents need their current punch card and $15 disposal fee to dispose of items with freon at the transfer station. (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.)

George Lavertu

Transfer Station Attendant



Transfer Station

The Greene Transfer Station Rules are subject to change under authorization of the Greene Board of Selectmen. Should any portion of these rules be found invalid for any reason by a court of competent jurisdiction then all portions not found invalid shall remain unaffected and continue in full force and effect.

Town of Greene

Transfer Station

281 Quaker Ridge Rd

Phone: 946-2093


Hours of Operation:

Wednesday 8:00 - 4:00

 Friday 8:00 - 4:00

Saturday 8:00 - 4:00

Sunday 10:00 - 2:00

Closed on all Holidays including Easter Sunday and the day after Thanksgiving.  


Greene Transfer Station Facility Rules

All users of the Transfer Station Facility (the Facility) shall be subject to the provisions of the rules and regulations contained herein and the Town of Greene Solid Waste Disposal and Transfer Station Ordinance.

All vehicles using the Facility must have a current Transfer Station sticker that is permanently affixed to the vehicle that is clearly visible to the attendant. These stickers are issued, with proper identification at the Town Office. A temporary permit may be issued to residents engaging non-residents to deliver material to the Facility under unusual circumstances.

Only household waste generated within the Town of Greene will be accepted at the Facility. All waste must be bagged, preferably in clear bags. Loose trash is not accepted. Bags must not contain any recyclable material as defined herein.

All users of the Facility shall comply with the directions of the Facility attendants.

No contractor generated material or contractor vehicles are allowed. Resident contractors are limited to their home generated waste.

Children under 12 years of age and all pets must remain in vehicles at all times.

In use Facility equipment has the right of way at all times.

Dump Picking is prohibited.

The Town of Greene enforces mandatory recycling. All materials and bags are subject to inspection. Any material not separated for recycling is subject to rejection.

Household waste, recyclables, construction and demolition materials, grass, leaves and brush as defined within will be accepted free of charge.

Failure to follow all rules and directions from attendants may result in the prohibition of an individual and/or vehicle from using the Facility.

Any questions regarding the rules contained herein or the directions of the attendant, should be addressed to the Town Manager or Board of Selectmen.

Acceptable Waste: The following types of waste as defined within will be accepted at the Facility:

Household waste, scrap metal, recyclable materials, tires, furniture, carpeting, construction & demolition debris, brush, leaves and other compostable material, dry latex paint, cat litter (double bagged) & Household Universal Waste.

Unacceptable Waste: The following types of waste, as defined within, will not be accepted at the Facility:

Stumps, rocks, dirt & fill, dead animals & foul, manure of any kind, bricks, concrete, asphalt paving, railroad ties, utility poles, hot or cold ashes, partially burned materials, junk vehicles, propane tanks, asbestos, radioactive waste, biological waste, hazardous waste, any liquid other than waste oil and antifreeze.

Recyclable materials: The following materials are acceptable for recycling:

Cardboard: corrugated, no larger than 3x4, cereal boxes, pasta boxes, shoeboxes, clean pizza boxes, etc.

Paper: newspapers, junkmail, catalogues, soft & hard cover books, brown bags, magazines & inserts, etc.

Plastics: Containers #1 - #7 (milk jugs, drink bottles, bleach & detergent, shampoo, etc) and rigids laundry baskets, buckets, totes, etc.

Glass: Bottles and containers (any color)

Metal: aluminum, tin, steel containers (pie plates, trays, foil)

The following materials are not acceptable for recycling:

Window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, dishes, ceramics, pyrex, foam packaging, Styrofoam, plastic bags, recyclables containing food waster, paints or oils, hazardous materials or universal waste.

Punch Cards: Each household within the Town of Greene will be issued a Greene Waste Punch Card. The punch card will allow the bearer to dispose free of charge per year the following items:

One (1) appliance with Freon removed (i.e. refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, dehumidifier, water cooler, etc.)

One (1) Computer monitor or television

Two (2) Other white metal goods (i.e. washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher, etc)

One (1) mattress & box spring

One (1) bulky item (i.e. couch, loveseat, recliner, etc)

Punch cards are valid for two (2) calendar years and are not transferable. Duplicates will not be issued for lost or stolen punch cards.

Fee Schedule: The following fees shall be assessed for each item disposed of beyond those permitted on the Punch Card.

CRT (computer screen or television) $10

Mattress & box spring set $10

Couch $10

Stuffed chair or recliner $5

Tires up to 20 $5 each

Truck tires 20-24 $20 each

Equipment & tractor tires $30 each

Items with Freon removed $5

White metal appliances $5

Commercial Hauler annual permit $100 

Residents are required to pay all fees in advance at the Greene Town Office during normal business hours. Materials to be disposed of requiring a fee must be accompanied by a receipt from the Town. At the discretion of the attendant, items not prepaid may be accepted and payment made at the Facility during other than

normal Town Office business hours.

Household Universal Waste: The following items and others as maybe declared by the State of Maine constitute Universal waste. Please notify attendant prior to disposal.

TV, computer monitor (CRT), Computer printers, game consoles, powered picture frames, fluorescent bulbs, lead acid batteries, oil, antifreeze, items containing mercury (including thermostats), ballasts containing PCBs.

Hazardous Waste: The following items and others as may be declared by the State of Maine, constitute Hazardous waste and may not be disposed of at the Facility. Please ask the attendant for disposal options.

Oil based paints & stains, solvents & thinners, swimming pool chemicals, pesticides, roofing tar, driveway sealer (oil & coal tar based), asbestos, radioactive waste, biological waste, gasoline, prescription medications.

The Town of Greene participates in a regional Hazardous Waste Collection Depot sponsored by the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments (AVCOG). This Depot is located at the Lewiston Solid Waste Facility. It is held on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays May through November. Examples of waste which will be accepted at the HHW Depot include:

Oil based paint & stain, pesticides,

antifreeze, old pool chemicals, waste gasoline & fuels, solvent based cleaners.

Examples of waste which WILL NOT be accepted at the HHW Depot include: Ammunition, ordinance, explosives, (contact the Maine State Police for info on disposal), prescription medication, biological and or infectious waste, compressed gas cylinders.

Greene residents, with proper identification, may dispose of 2 units (up to 10 gallons of liquid or 40 lbs of solid waste material or a combination of liquid & solid waste) at no cost. Quantities which exceed this amount will be charged approximately $28 per unit. Businesses and contractors cannot use this facility.

Definitions: The following definitions shall be used as applied within this document.

Construction & demolition debris: It includes but is not limited to building materials, sheetrock, vinyl siding, insulation (must be bagged), asphalt shingles & roofing materials, wood (cut in 4 lengths or 2 x 4 sections and placed in the proper container). It does not include asbestos products and other special wastes, which must be disposed of at an approved hazardous waste site. Furniture, carpet, mattress sets, tires and white goods are not classified as construction and demolition debris. 

Freon containers: Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water coolers, and other items containing Freon must have the Freon removed by a  Qualified Technician and have a certificate affixed to the appliance so stating before they item can be accepted for disposal.

Metal Goods: Metal goods should be placed on the metal pile. All fuel, gas, oil, other liquids and batteries must be removed prior to disposal. Fuel oil tanks and metal drums must be cut in half or have one end removed and wiped clean before disposal. Please notify attendant prior to disposal.

Brush: Brush up to 6 in diameter and 10 in length may be deposited upon the brush piles. No other items may be disposed of in the brush pile.

Compostable material: Grass, leaves, garden waste, plants & potting soil may be deposited on the compost pile. Brush must be separated & all material must be removed from bags and pots.

Commercial Haulers: Commercial Haulers are defined as individuals or corporations who profit or otherwise contract for hire to pick up waste material from individuals within the Town of Greene for disposal at the Facility. Commercial haulers are prohibited from disposing of waste picked up at non-residential sites.


            Revised May 2013






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