Greene Volunteer
Fire Department
Greene, Maine

For an emergency call 911

The Greene Fire Department is located at 106 Patten Road which is actually on the corner of Patten & Sedgley Roads. Greene is an all volunteer Fire Department. Our volunteers are caring, hard working people who donate their time to save our properties and lives. We highly commend the Fire Department Volunteers  for their dedication, strength, and their hard work for our community!!


Fire Chief ~ John Soucy

Cell phone: 576-4852


Asst Fire Chief: Todd Leclerc

Cell phone: 577-7741


Administration: Phil Lavoie

Cell phone: 576-8035

All outside burning requires a burning permit be in hand!



As of July 13, 2015, The Town of Greene and Fire Department are pleased to offer its residents Free Online Burning permits!

Visit us at

-Select "Obtain a Permit"

- Select your town

-Complete permit application, and submit.

-Be sure to print, sign and have your permit with you during your burn!

Burning is allowed Monday - Friday 5pm to midnight

Saturday & Sunday 9am to midnight


Other Officers & Members
Captain Rodney Gagne
Captain Keith Bates
Lieutenant Shawn Goldrup
Lieutenant Dan Burnham

 Marshall Merrick
 Bob Beaupre
 James Simones
 Anthony Berube
 Lyndon Creps
 Olivia Bowie
 Anthony Dobson
 Shawn Lavigne
 Joe Turmel
 Nate Gamache
 Lew McCarthy
 Riley Laverdiere

Rescue & EMT:
 George Farris Jr
 Megan Laflamme
 Ron Hutchinson
 James Smart

The 25 volunteers responded to a total of 336 fire, medical and motor vehicle crash calls during 2016.





To the left  is a photo of the old Fire Station, which was torn down to make room for the new one.

Alden Peterson retired as Fire Chief in May of 2002.  He has dedicated many, many years to the Town, its people and the Fire Department. Best of Luck with retirement Alden! Thank you for all you have done to make the fire department what it is today.

Think safety!


*Is your house number visible from the road? Every house shall have a number on the house and mailbox. A house not marked with the number costs valuable time in an emergency. 

*Please clean and check your chimney often when burning wood. Wood stoves are for burning wood only, it is against the law and unhealthy to burn other substances in a wood stove.   

*Change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year.

*Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

*Carbon monoxide fumes do not smell.

*Plan an emergency route from your home.

*Fasten your seat belt seat belts save lives.

Stop by the Fire Station any given Tuesday evening around 7:00 pm and the fireman will give you a tour.

Quite often you will see the Fire Trucks outside with about 25 people moving around and about. You'll hear siren wale, radios being checked, equipment being started and trucks being taken for a road and/or pump test. This team of fire personnel is ever ready to assist their community in the event of an emergency. From the hose to the sharpening of the ax, it all gets checked and prepared.

Through a continuous and progressive training program, The GVFD strives to continually improve the level of service it provides. Training takes place each week in addition to the regular department meeting. Many hours of training is provided each year. We currently hold fire training class at our station to provide the necessary training needed to all area departments. These training classes are mandated by the State to keep the firemen updated. 


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