Application for State Dog License


            To license a dog, go to the Greene Town Office or mail this form to them. Proof of immunization against rabies must be shown. Dog licenses are for a calendar year, all dog licenses expire on December 31st of each year.  There is a late fee of $25 on all dog licenses that are not renewed by January 31st.


Dog Owner/Keeper _______________________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________________________


Phone Number (Home) _____________________   (Work)  _______________________


Dog’s Name ________________________   Dog’s Breed _________________________


Sex:     M       F                      Spay/Neutered                         Dog’s Age ____________


Dog’s Color __________________            Veterinarian _______________________________


License Fees: Dogs capable of producing young $11.00

                       Dogs that have been spayed or neutered $6.00


Mail or bring to the Town Office the following:

·        A copy of your dog’s current rabies certificate issued by a veterinarian

·        If your dog has been spayed or neutered, a copy of that certificate.

·        DO NOT MAIL CASH. Make your check or money order out to the Town of Greene.

·        Mail to:

o       Town of Greene

o       P.O. Box 510

o       Greene, ME  04236


Once the Town Office has the proper information a dog license and sticker for the current year will be sent to you.  If you have questions about licensing your dog call the Town Office at 946-5146.