Boston Post Cane Recipient

James O. Nesbitt

On December 29, 2014 the Town of Greene Board of Selectmen presented James O. Nesbitt, Greene’s oldest citizen, the Boston Post Cane.




 Ronald Grant, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen read a brief history of the Boston Post Cane, Glenn Chateauvert presented him with the Boston Post Cane and Anthony Reny with the inscribed plaque.

James O. Nesbitt was born in Pittsburgh Pa on July 5, 1921.

Married High School Sweetheart, Phyllis Steele April 1943, died 1986, five sons Tom 12 years MSAD52 School bus driver and manages the farm, Dick a Helo pilot shot down in Vietnam 1970, Bob a Missionary  - Costa Rica, Africa and Europe, Jim IV fisherman now living in Presque Isle and Sandy a Master Carpenter in the  film industry living in Brunswick.

Jim – Mechanical Engineering Clemson College two years. Learned to fly in 1940 {in circa 1930s wood and fabric open cockpit biplanes [some with no brakes just a metal skag instead of a tail wheel.] Licensed airline Transport Land and Sea and Instructors and airline Dispatcher Ratings. Joined the Navy in 1942. Flew and coauthored the Navy’s first Jet Acrobatic Instrument Flight  Advanced Training syllabus. Retired in 1966. Continued flying until 1995. Flew over 50 makes and models of military and civilian aircraft a total of over 8000 hours.

Last Navy flying was at Naval air Station Brunswick and Patrol Squadron  VP-21 as Patrol Plane Commander of the best damned flight crew in the Navy, Crew 7 and their beloved two burning and two 3350s turning Lockheed P2V.

The Navy sent me to Tufts College for BA Political Science; gave me a commendation from the Admiral, Chief of Naval Training for my detailed proposal for a radically designed trainer aircraft for Naval Aviation Cadets; and also obtained my Patent Number 2,941,400, a Consolidated Simplified Instrument Flight Control Instrument  which dramatically improved night and overcast flight safety of high performance single engine carrier aircraft.

Got a job in Lewiston as the first employee of the Androscoggin Valley Regional Planning Commission and found Bernie Stewart’s Farm in 1969 in Greene where we have lived Happily Ever After. Was Town Meeting  Moderator several times in the seventies, as tough a job as I ever had. Retired in 1975 and cut firewood until 1986. Not fast but usually safe. I have really enjoyed Greene’s chapter of the VFW and the State’s Veterans For Peace.

Tom and  I raised Bernie Stewart’s Hereford herd and added to it 30 Angus from Wolfe Neck Farm in Freeport most summers. We had over a mile of electric fence including  800 feet out in the Androscoggin.  The Angus yearlings took the whole event as an opportunity to tour this part of Town.  

I met and married Naomi Snyder a Psychiatric Nurse from Boston whose claim to fame is being married to the oldest citizen in Greene. Joined the Boston Area Springboard Diving Club and competed in the Diving Masters  program for eight years until my eightieth  birthday in 2001. I got lucky in Montreal World Masters meet getting fourth on the low board and firsts on the high board and platform. Overshadowed by a ninety year old California diver recovering from a new hip who beat me on the high board but he was competing in the 90  to 95 age class.

We are in the process of gifting the 500 acres to two Conservation Land Trusts hoping to increase the deer heard and conserve the pine and hemlock wilderness for at least two more centuries.


Town of Greene

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James O. Nesbitt            07/05/1921                 12/29/2014