Town of Greene

Special Town Meeting


June 10, 2013


The meeting called to order by Ron Grant.


The opening was read by Charles Noonan.


            Article 1: Ronald Grant elected moderator. Oath on file.


Article 2: Voted by hand vote to rescind June 17, 2013 as the date of commitment for Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes and to set a rate of 7% per annum interest on all real estate and personal property taxes unpaid after 90 days from the date of commitment.


Note: This action occurred as the State Budget has not been approved to date. The town has no idea of what they will or will not be receiving from the state for State Revenue Sharing, Homestead Exemption etc..  


The meeting adjourned at 7:08 PM.


Respectively submitted,



Sally Ann Hebert

Deputy Town Clerk