Greene Board of Selectmen

Regular Meeting

June 18, 2012

Minutes will not become official until accepted at the next Regular Selectmen’s Meeting

July 16, 2012.


Members present:, Don Bedford, Tony Reny, Ronald Grant-Chairman,  Charles Noonan – Town Manager, Kevin Mower, and Sally Ann Hebert – Recording Secretary. 


Members absent:  Mark Christman - work.


Staff present:  Bruce Tufts.


Others present:  None.


                        This meeting was televised 


                                     I.      Call to Order



Ronald Grant called the Board of Selectmen’s meeting to order at 7:00PM.


                                  II.      Public Discussion




                               III.      Acceptance of Minutes – June 4 & 13, 2012


Tony Reny motioned to waive the reading of the minutes, and to approve the acceptenace of the minute’s dated June 4 and June 13 , meetings upon signature of chairman,  Ronald Grant signature. Don Bedford 2nd the motion. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed. 


IV. Treasurers Report


                  Charlie Noonan reported a balance on hand after today’s warrant of $3,586.74.

Some of the money has been advanced to the town from the TAN fund. The revenues and expenditures are right on schedule.


The storm damage was not a planned expenditure and the is no money in the existing budget. A special town meeting will have to be held to move $15,000 to $ 18,000 from undesignated surplus. The Board will sign the warrant at the July meeting and have the special town meeting in August.





V  Roads


               Charlie reported the North Line Road project is completed.


The road crew will start College Road on Tuesday. The patching on Meadow Hill with a new material has been working out.




V1. Old Business


    A. Greene Village Day


            The next meeting is Monday June 25 6:30 PM at the Town Office. .


    B.  Dispatch


            Charlie reported nothing is happened to what the ASO is going to do with their presentation. The board and Town Manager discussed this at length. The board has not resolved on how to handle dispatch services for the Town of Greene.


    C. Spirit of America Award Presentation


            Tony Reny will represent the Town at the presentation the Araxine Sawyer Memorial from the Spirit of America Committee at the Androscoggin County Meeting June 20 at 6:30PM at the Androscoggin Law Library



    D. School Budget Vote


            Ron read the results; overall the school budget passed 713 yes and 461 no -  total from all three towns.


    E. Tax Bills


            The Board met on June 13th to set the mil rate of 13.58 for 2012 tax billing. The bills went out in the mail today.


 F. Credit Card Usage


                        The Board will discuss this after the 5% tax discount.


    G. Other


            The Board discussed the town mowing Burgess Field. An agreement has to be signed by Mark Burgess and the Town Manager regarding liability.


VII.                 New Business


a        Center Bridge Meeting


Charlie Noonan reported that he met with MDOT, emergency personnel and Fire Chiefs from Leeds and Turner. The project is going ahead. The major discussion is how long the bridge is going to be closed at any one time. There are projecting to close over a weekend in August or Sept 2013.


b.      Other


The Board asked that people shooting off fireworks that they be considerate of their neighbors.  And to follow the state law on when and where fireworks can be shot off.  


The Board discussed mowing, the Transfer Station, VFW building and the Welcome to Greene signs.


c.       Personnel


The Board will discuss this at the end of the meeting.






                                                  IX.      Committee Reports


Don Bedford reported the Planning Board met and will do a site visit on Pine Drive. 


X. Assessment Questions & Abatements/Supplement




                                                     X.      Announcements


Ron read the announcements aloud.


The Transfer Station, Town Office and Highway Department will be closed July 4th holiday.


Ron announced that there is a welcome reception at the Turner Town Office on June 20th 2-4 PM for the new Town Manager and Public Works Foreman.


Ron announced there is a reception for Eva Leavitt retiring from Town of Turner on July 1, 1-4 PM at Boofy Quimby Hall.





                                                  XI.      Selectmen Acceptance & Signing of Weekly Warrant


Kevin Mower motioned to accept and sign the Town of Greene Payroll Warrant # 46 dated 6/11/12 of $ 6,162.50. Don Bedford 2nd the motion. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed.


Kevin Mower motioned to accept and sign the Town of Greene Accounts Payable Warrant # 47 dated 6/11/12 of $ 40,698.72.  Don Bedford 2nd

 the motion. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed.


Kevin Mower motioned to accept and sign the Town of Greene Payroll Warrant # 48 dated 6/18/12 of $ 7,233.26.. Don Bedford 2nd the motion. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed.


Kevin Mower motioned to accept and sign the Town of Greene Accounts Payable Warrant # 49 dated 6/18/12 of $ 304,088.43  Don Bedford 2nd

 the motion. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed.



                                               XII.      Adjournment


Tony Reny motioned the Board enter executive session to discuss a personnel matter pursuant to 1 MRSA, Section 405, subsection 6(A). Kevin Mower 2nd the motion. Vote was Unanimous. Motion passed.


The Board entered executive session at 7:25PM. The Board adjourned from executive session at 8:00 PM.


The Board adjourned at 8:01 pm.


Respectfully submitted,                                                 Approved and accepted,


Sally Ann Hebert                                                          Ronald Grant, Chairman

Recording Secretary                                                     Board of Selectmen