Greene Board of Selectmen

Regular Meeting

June 13, 2012

Minutes will not become official until accepted at the next Regular Selectmen’s Meeting

June 18, 2012.


Members present:, Don Bedford, Tony Reny, Ronald Grant-Chairman,  Charles Noonan – Town Manager, Kevin Mower, and Sally Ann Hebert – Recording Secretary. 


Members absent:  Mark Christman - work.


Staff present:  Bruce Tufts.


Others present:  None.


                        This meeting was not televised 


                                     I.      Call to Order



Ronald Grant called the Board of Selectmen’s meeting to order at 4:30PM.


                                  II.      Public Discussion




                                 III.      Old Business


a. School Budget Vote


The Board discussed the outcome of the school budget vote yesterday.


B Mill Rate Set


Tony Reny motioned to set the 2012 mil rate at $ .01358. Don Bedford 2nd the vote. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed.


C.           Other


Bruce Tufts reported that Mark Burgess has requested the town to mow his Rhino Ball Field. The Town ball teams use this field everyday. The Board discussed who is liable for mowing; to lease the field for $1.00 a year.






VII.                 New Business


a.      Other




b.      Personel


Don Bedford motioned the Board enter executive session to discuss a personnel matter pursuant to 1 MRSA. Section 405, subsection 6(A). Tony Reny 2nd the motion. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed.


The Board entered executive session at 4:57PM. The Board adjourned from executive session at 5:15PM.






                                                  IX.      Committee Reports




X. Assessment Questions & Abatements/Supplement




                                                     X.      Announcements




                                                  XI.      Selectmen Acceptance & Signing of Weekly Warrant




                                               XII.      Adjournment

Tony Reny motioned to adjourn. .  Don Bedford   2nd the motion. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed.


The Board adjourned at 5:16 PM.


Respectfully submitted,                                                 Approved and accepted,


Sally Ann Hebert                                                          Ronald Grant, Chairman

Recording Secretary                                                     Board of Selectmen