Minutes will not become official until accepted at the next Regular Selectmen’s Meeting June 13, 2011.


Members present: Don Bedford, Tony Reny, Ronald Grant - Chairman, Charles Noonan – Town Manager, Kevin Mower and Sally Ann Hebert – Recording Secretary. 


Staff present:  Bruce Tufts – Highway Foreman.


Members absent:  Mark Christman – family obligation.


Others present:  


                        This meeting was televised 


                                     I.      Call to Order


Ronald Grant, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:30PM.


a                    Special Town Meeting Warrant


Article 2: The Board recommended to raise and/or appropriate $360.00 to pay for the additional charge from Great Androscoggin Humane Society for 2011.


Article 3: The Board raise $5,000 from taxation for the 2011 payment of

$ 5,000.00 to purchase the VFW building and land for $30,000.00  with a payment of $ 5,000.00 for six years.  


Article 4: The Board to accept funds from Androscoggin Valley Soil and Water Conservation District for reimbursement of repair on Coburn Road.; transfer funds into accounts expended from.


Article 5: The Board recommends the amending the Greene Mass Gathering Ordinance Section B.3.


Article 6: The Board recommends amending the Greene Mass Gathering Ordinance Section B.7.


Article 7: The Board recommend to raise and appropriate $ 35,000.00 tp pay for emergency repairs to roadways due to recent storm.


Tony Reny motioned to sign the warrant for the June 13th Special Town Meeting:  subject to revision. Kevin Mower 2nd the motion. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed.



                                                  IX.      Adjournment


Tony Reny motioned to adjourn. Kevin Mower 2nd the motion. Vote was unanimous. Vote was unanimous. Motion passed.


The Board adjourned at 6:25PM.


Respectfully submitted,                                           Approved and accepted,


Sally Ann Hebert                                                 Ron Grant, Chairman

Recording Secretary                                                         Board of Selectmen