Town of Greene, Maine

Planning Board Minutes

September 11, 2012


      Joseph McLean, Chairman, 212-9350

      Peter Jolicoeur, Secretary & Associate, 946-7250

      George Schott, Treasurer, Associate, 946-7972

      John Bennett,  946-4125

      Mark Randall, 946-5108

      Ferg Lea – AVCOG, 783-9186



                                     CALL TO ORDER


Mr McLean called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:12pm.   Mr McLean then read the announcements.   Those Members present were Joseph McLean, Peter Jolicoeur, John Bennett and George Schott.   Members absent were Mark Randall.   Also present was Select Board Liaison Don Bedford and AVCOG Representative Ferg Lea.   CEO Randy Ray was not present, interim CEO Ken Pratt was present.  



I.                ANNOUNCEMENTS:


(A)    Planning Board Agenda for the October 9, 2012 meeting closes

September 25, 2012.


(B)   Next regular Planning Board Meeting is October 9, 2012 at

  7:00PM at the Greene Town Office.


(C)    All AVCOG fees must be paid prior to the signing of the Final




II.                              MINUTES FOR PLANNING BOARD MEETING


Mr Bennett made the motion to accept the minutes from the August 14, 2012 meeting, Mr Schott seconded the motion.   The vote was 3 yes, 1 abstained.


III.                    TREASURERS REPORT


There was no Treasurers report this evening but it was noted that the budget is in the black.


IV.              CEO REPORT


Interim CEO Ken Pratt was present this evening and there was nothing to report.









     Mr Robert McCarron was present this evening for this project.   Mr McCarron lead a

     brief review of the project stating that the first submission did not address the storm

     water runoff but the second submission does with the addition of a rain garden.   The

     project is to move the road into the designed right-of-way and provide access to Mr

     McCarron’s property and his neighbor, the Lessard family.   The board felt it was a

     good time to address the storm water runoff that wasn’t done before.


     Mr Ferg Lea presented the board with the Findings of Fact for this project which the

     board then reviewed.   Mr Lea stated that he referenced the Maine Standard for Storm

     Water in the Findings.   He also stated that the proposed rain garden is adequate to

     handle the runoff.


      Mr Bennett motioned to accept the Findings of Fact with the strikeout of one word.

      Mr Schott seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.   Mr Lea stated that he

      would clean up the findings by removing the word for the next meeting.   The board

      then signed the Findings and initialized the strikeout so Mr McCarron could proceed

      with the project.   The clean Findings will be signed at the next meeting and

      distributed appropriately.




Derrick and Megan Laflamme were present to represent this plan.   The conditions of approval were reviewed and all additional submissions from Ms Laflamme were looked at.   All conditions were met as requested, they were;


There be some plan for disposal of surface water


      The applicant provide 2 mylars and 1 paper copy for signatures


      The applicant notify the abutter in lot 12A-1


      There be a unique lot number assigned to the new lot


Mr Schott motioned to approve the creation of another lot, Mr Bennett seconded the motion.   The vote was unanimous.


Mr Scott the motioned to accept the Finding of Fact with the correction to the lot number, 12-A6.   Mr Bennett seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.   The mylars were then signed by the board members present.




Mr Lionel Grenier, or anyone else involved in the project, were not present this evening.   However, there was a discussion about permit from the Army Corps of Engineers and how the permit thresholds are different for DEP and the Corps.   The original permit from the Corps states that “any changes must be approved by the Army Corps of Engineers before the changes are undertaken”.   Mr Pratt stated that he contacted Rodney Howe of the Corps who stated that there would be no problem with the change as long as they didn’t impact the wetlands any more.   The proposed changes do have less impact on the wetlands and Mr Howe said that present permits are fine.   The board determined there needs to be something in writing that indicates the changes don’t effect the environment any more than the original permit allows and be attached to that permit.   There is an additional condition being put on the approval that there be CEO approval of the driveway construction.


Mr Schott then motioned that the project be tabled until the Greniers can make it to a meeting.   Mr Bennett seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.










X.                    CORRESPONDENCE





Seeing no other discussion, Mr. Bennett made a motion for adjournment.  Mr Schott seconded the motion.  The Board Members voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 7:40pm.



Respectfully submitted by,



Peter Jolicoeur