Town of Greene, Maine

Planning Board Minutes

August 14, 2012


      Joseph McLean, Chairman, 212-9350

      Peter Jolicoeur, Secretary & Associate, 946-7250

      George Schott, Treasurer, Associate, 946-7972

      John Bennett,  946-4125

      Mark Randall, 946-5108

      Ferg Lea – AVCOG, 783-9186



                                     CALL TO ORDER


Mr McLean called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:02pm.   Mr McLean then read the announcements.   Those Members present were Joseph McLean, Mark Randall, Peter Jolicoeur, John Bennett and George Schott.   Also present was Select Board Liaison Don Bedford and AVCOG Representative Ferg Lea.   CEO Randy Ray was not present, interim CEO Ken Pratt was present.   There were several members of the community present this evening.



I.                ANNOUNCEMENTS:


(A)    Planning Board Agenda for the September 11, 2012 meeting closes

August 28, 2012.


(B)   Next regular Planning Board Meeting is September 11, 2012 at

  7:00PM at the Greene Town Office.


(C)    All AVCOG fees must be paid prior to the signing of the Final




II.                              MINUTES FOR PLANNING BOARD MEETING


Mr Schott made the motion to accept the minutes from the July 17, 2012 meeting, Mr Randall seconded the motion.   The vote was 3 yes, 2 abstained.


III.                    TREASURERS REPORT


There was no Treasurers report this evening.


IV.              CEO REPORT


Interim CEO Ken Pratt was present this evening and there was nothing to report.









Mr John Melvides was present this evening for the finalizing of the plan.   Mr Pratt reported that he has received the requested letter of authority.   All conditions of the approval have been met so the project is a go.





Mr and Mrs Lionel Grenier were present this evening for this project.   They brought in the modified Mylars and the modifications for the DEP permits.   It was determined that the new driveway meets all standards and the reported set backs are adequate.   There was a discussion as to weather the Army Corps of Engineers needed to amend their permits.   Mrs Grenier stated that she had contacted the office and was told that they already had the appropriate permits.   The board determined that there should be something from the Army Corps of Engineers stating that there is a modification or that there is nothing more needed.   Mr Schott then motioned to approve the modifications to the driveway pending notification from the Army Corps of Engineers that the permit has been modified or notice that no modification to the permit is required.   Mr Bennett seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.   All board members present signed the mylars and Mr Pratt was holding them until he received some notification from the Army Corps of Engineers.




Mr Robert McCarron was present representing this project.   Mr McCarron gave a brief explanation of the new changes and had a revised map showing the extended construction area and the addition of a rain garden.   Mr McCarron also presented the board with the research paperwork he had outlining the particular rain garden he had chosen for the site.   He requested that the original plan be denied and the new plan be approved.    There was a brief discussion about the approval process.   Mr Lassard, a neighbor, was present and stated he had no problems with the new plan.   Mr Schott then made the  motion to deny the original plan because it was inadequate and to approve the new plan as it provided additional information about water runoff and filtration and extended the distance of improvements to the roadway.   Mr Randall seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.






Derrick and Megan Laflamme were present to represent this plan.   Ms Laflamme reviewed the prior discussion of her wishes to separate their lot into 2 lots and sell one to her parents to build a single-family home on.   There was a discussion about this being a major modification because the development would have more than 5 lots, or a minor modification effecting just one lot.   The determination was that it is a minor modification to a lot making it 2 lots.   The Application Completeness


Checklist was then reviewed.   Letters L and M were requested to be waived because they were supplied on the original plan.   L being a plan for disposal of surface water, M being type of water supply  and evidence of adequate supply and quality.   The final decision was that L needs some kind of discussion, M was changed to being provided.


Mr Schot then made the motion to accept the plan as complete with the exception of letter L needing some discussion of disposal of surface water.   Mr Bennett seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.


There was then a discussion of lot size, test pits and driveway access.   Responses to abutter notifications showed that there was no dispute and some were present to hear what was going to be done.  


Mr Schott then motioned to accept the modifications with the following conditions of acceptance;


      There be some plan for disposal of surface water


      The applicant provide 2 mylars and 1 paper copy for signatures


      The applicant notify the abutter in lot 12A-1


      There be a unique lot number assigned to the new lot


Mr Randall seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.




Mr McClean apologized for the lateness of the agenda and for the information packages not being delivered.   As there would be no time to deliver packages ahead like in the past he stated that they would be available at the Town Office 2 weeks in advance with the agenda going out at that time with notice that packages are available.


X.                    CORRESPONDENCE





Seeing no other discussion, Mr. Schott made a motion for adjournment.  Mr Randall seconded the motion.  The Board Members voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:34pm.



Respectfully submitted by,



Peter Jolicoeur