Town of Greene, Maine

Planning Board Minutes

January 10, 2012


      Rebecca Laliberte, Chairman, 946-3687

      Peter Jolicoeur, Secretary & Associate, 946-7250

      John Bennett, Treasurer, 946-4125

      Gaetan Breton, Jr., 576-6812

      George Schott, Associate, 946-7972

      Joseph McLean, Associate 212-9350

      Mike Lance 946-2318  

      Ferg Lea – AVCOG, 783-9186


                                     CALL TO ORDER


Ms Laliberte called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:07pm.  Those Members present were Rebecca Laliberte, Joseph McLean, Peter Jolicoeur, Mike Lance, and George Schott.   Board Members John Bennett and Gaetan Breton Jr were not present.  Also present were Selectmen liaison Don Bedford  and AVCOG representative Ferg Lea.   CEO Randy Ray was not present, Ken Pratt was present in Mr Ray’s behalf.   There were 10 members of the community present this evening.


I.                ANNOUNCEMENTS:


(A)    Planning Board Agenda for the February 14, 2012 meeting closes

January 31, 2012.


(B)   Next regular Planning Board Meeting is February 14, 2012 at

  7:00PM at the Greene Town Office.


(C)    All AVCOG fees must be paid prior to the signing of the Final



II.                              MINUTES FOR PLANNING BOARD MEETING


Mr McLean made the motion to accept the minutes from the December 13, 2011 meeting, Mr Schott seconded the motion.   The vote was unanimous.


III.                    TREASURERS REPORT


There was no Treasurers report this evening.  


IV.              CEO REPORT


Mr Ray was not present, there was no CEO Report this evening.







Mr John Titus was present this evening representing this project.   He mentioned that Mr Mike Danforth was supposed to be here this evening but he was not.   Mr Titus reviewed the application by stating that CMP has acquired the former Keenan and Dube properties on Deer Run Rd (lots 20 & 21) for additional width of the existing electric transmission corridor.   The former Dube residence sustained significant water and mold damage during the winter and has been razed.   CMP wished to retain the Dube property and part of the Keenan property and resell the portion of the Keenan property with the house located northerly of the corridor.   The reconfigured lot 21 will be 2.6 acres with 301.5 feet of frontage on Deer Run Road.   The remainder of this lot will be added to lot 20 and that lot will remain open as there is insufficient road frontage outside the transmission line corridor.


The first attempt at this change did not meet the set back requirements by not allowing for the 250-foot building circle where the house sits.   CMP has agreed to change the lot line to obtain the 250-foot building circle making both lots to remain conforming to the town ordinances to date.   Mr Schott discussed that even though lot 20 was to remain an open lot and owned by CMP it still has to meet the stipulations of the sub division.   As Deer Run is not a town road CMP will have to continue to pay the road maintenance fees to the sub division.   The Planning Board doesn’t enforce the development bylaws, it only enforces what is on the plan, the board does ensure that changing the lots doesn’t interfere with the development plans.   These modifications do reference the notes and amendments on the development plan.


Mr McLean moved to accept the changes to lots 20 and 21.   Mr Lance seconded the motion.   Mr Schott discussed the approval and that the mylar needs to be signed by the next meeting.   If it was ready early the board members could be called in to sign prior to that meeting.   The vote was unanimous.


V.                 A&J AUTO & WRECKER


Andy Warlick and Alice Knapp were present with a Change of Use application for the property on Route 202 formerly housing Design Fab.   They want to open a dealership selling light duty trucks, vintage cars, motorcycles,  rollbacks and wreckers.   This would be primarily an internet/private sales operation with some trucks on site, he has very little walk-in sales.   All buildings and property will stay the same but used for different functions.   There is an existing office and parking, the fabrication shop would be used for light repairs.   The business entrance will be off Route 202 with a gate and the private entrance will be off Key Hill Dr.   Mr Warlick stated that this is an existing business that he was operating in Litchfield but he has outgrown that property and has purchased this larger property to move into.


There was then a discussion of prior usage of the property compared to this new usage including traffic volume and neighborhood impact.   Mr Warlick stated that he foresees no more than 6 employees once he gets up and running.   The most he had at the other location was 16.   His delivery traffic is about one trailer truck every four months.


There was then a discussion about business practices and customer traffic.   Mr Warlick again stated that most of his business is by appointment and very little walk-in traffic.   The existing gate off Route 202 is approximately 40 feet from the road.   The board would like to see there be enough room for a trailer truck to be able to pull completely off the road before stopping when the gate is closed.   Mr Warlick stated he believes there is enough width in the entrance with the distance to the gate for that to happen.   He also stated that he has seen two trucks pull in and be off the road.


The board members then reviewed the check list for application completeness.   Ms Laliberte read each of the items for determination of fulfillment.   Some items were revisited and a list compiled of what needed to be added.   That list included;


The name of the business needs to be on the plan.

Add exterior lighting to the plan.

Show display area and surface for parking area.

Add the blockage of thru traffic from the business area to the private area.

Add waste storage area with maximum quantity.

Add location of the well to the plan.

Show cutting of trees, cleared or selective cutting, on the plan.

Include an areal map and a USGS map of the property in the plan.


It was also stated that the house is currently being lived in by the previous owner who has a 1-year occupancy agreement.   Then Mr Warlick will either live in it or retain it as rental property.


The site visit was scheduled for Sunday, 01/22/2012, at 2:00PM.


The Public Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, 02/14/2012, at the Town Office at 6:30PM.









Mr Steve Morgan was in this evening representing Ms Richard Bernier.   The Berniers purchased a lot in the Riverview Estate development in 1983.   Later, in 1984, they purchased an adjoining lot of land from the Gagne family that is not part of the development, it is approximately 3 acres.   They would like to build a house on the later purchased lot as they were told they would be able to in 1984, and have access to it from the development road.  


Under the terms of the development road access is only for lots within the development.   As the development road is a private road this lot would have to become part of the development.   The lot could become a lot of the development with the agreement from all owners in the development but this would add more land to the development because they are not splitting an existing lot.   This will make the development a 5-lot development and the road needs to be paved for 5 or more lots.  


There was then a discussion of possibilities and some brainstorming of how this could be accomplished.   Some of the issues were the paving requirement for the larger development and the turnaround would need to be changed to accommodate access to an additional lot.   Another possibility was to obtain access thru Ferry Road or a right-of-way off No River Road directly to the lot.






Seeing no other discussion, Mr. McLean made a motion for adjournment.  Mr Schott seconded the motion.  The Board Members voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:16pm.



Respectfully submitted by,



Peter Jolicoeur