Town of Greene, Maine

Planning Board Minutes

August 9, 2011


      Rebecca Laliberte, Chairman, 946-3687

      Peter Jolicoeur, Secretary & Associate, 946-7250

      John Bennett, Treasurer, 946-4125

      Gaetan Breton, Jr., 576-6812

      George Schott, Associate, 946-7972

      Joseph McLean, Associate 212-9350

      Jennifer Heath 576-5093  

      Ferg Lea – AVCOG, 783-9186


                                     CALL TO ORDER


Chairman, Rebecca Laliberte called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:03pm.  Those Members present were Ms. Laliberte, John Bennett, Joseph McLean, Peter Jolicoeur and George Schott.   Board Members Jennifer Heath and Gaetan Breton, Jr.  were not present.  Also present were AVCOG representative Ferg Lea, Selectmen liaison Don Bedford, CEO Randy Ray and 12 members of the community.


I.                ANNOUNCEMENTS:


(A)    Planning Board Agenda for the October 11, 2011 meeting closes

September 27, 2011.


(B)   Next regular Planning Board Meeting is October 11, 2011 at

  7:00PM at the Greene Town Office.


(C)    All AVCOG fees must be paid prior to the signing of the Final






Mr Schott made the motion to accept the minutes from the July 12, 2011 meeting, Mr McLean seconded the motion.   The vote was unanimous.


III.                    TREASURERS REPORT


Mr. Bennett stated there were no expense in the last month.   He also stated that even though he knows the IGA has paid their fees it was not included in the report he received. 


IV.              CEO REPORT


Mr. Ray reported that there were a total of 4 permits issued since the last Planning Board meeting.  These permits were for 1 mobile home, 1 barn, 1 addition and 1 pool. 








Mr Schott left the board to be a member of the audience.


Mr Ernest Deluca, Recreation/Real Estate Enterprise Manager, represented this plan.  

Mr Deluca reported that they had installed traffic counters on the River Road to get some counts of number of vehicles entering the area.   Even though the counters had been ripped up and thrown into the woods they were replaced and some data was collected from.   He also reported that an on-site survey was done revealing swimming, fishing and ATV activity happening on the premises.   A fence has been added to encompass the developing area which has helped to control access.


Ms Laliberte stated that the peak traffic time was reported to be daytime was disputed by the residents of the immediate area.   There was also a concern about long term issues and to that reported that control has begun to taken back in that area.   The traffic count was reported from the data received was an average of 34 vehicles per week day and 40 vehicles per weekend day.   There was a police presence in the area while the traffic counters were installed.


In reference to item 24 of the Application Completeness Checklist, Wildlife Habitat, there was mention of it being an area where turtles populated.   Unfortunately the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department does not map for turtles.   They do for birds and deer.   This was followed by a discussion of wildlife assessment and mapping.   The Scenic and Wildlife Assessment report was then handed to the Chairperson, Ms Laliberte.   There was also a letter received from the Maine Historical Society stating there were no historical finds in the area.   The boat launch profile was missing but will be presented at the next meeting.


Ms Laliberte then discussed the Public Hearing mentioning there were no new issues since that hearing and that we will be having another Public Hearing on this development.   She also reminded the group that the Board does not set controls on road maintenance, speed limits, traffic controls, etc.   The Planning Boards responsibility is to see that any piece of property being developed in the town is done within the guidelines of the town ordinances.


Mr Deluca then lead a discussion on other signs that will be installed in the next couple of weeks.   The times of operation will be posted as from Sun Rise to Sun Set, this will be a Carry-in – Carry-out property, No Alcohol or Control Substances Allowed.   He also said he will have trash receptacles added if the town wishes with a 2-times a week cleaning schedule.


Mr McLean then asked if there has been any discussion about parking in the road Right-of-way.   The answer was no, but the stakes have been set and the right-of-way has been located.   Mr Ray stated there was no intention of widening the road and that parking would be OK as it has been set.   Mr Lea stated that the town ordinance prohibits parking in the right-of-way but discussed the different times that public parking is permitted on public land in the right-of-way.   He urged the town to have a Permissions and Maintenance Agreement with Nextera Energy that they maintain the parking area.


There was then a discussion about fences and bolders and Mr Deluca stating that part of the chain link fence had been vandalized and has been repaired.   He stated that he would like to use a more esthetically pleasing fence in the immediate entrance area with a 5-foot opening, no intention of locking a gate.   Signs will be put on the fence designating areas of Trespass.   The policing of the area will be Monday thru Friday during the Recreation Season (Fishing Season).   Ground Maintenance will be from snow-melt to snow-fall.  


It was then required that the final plan needs to show the fencing and the signs.


The Public Hearing was then set for September 13, 2011, at 6:00PM.   The location is at the Town Office Building.


There was then a question from the audience (Mary Ann Courbron) on what Application Completeness means.   Ms Laliberte responded stating that it means that all parts of the application have been completed that pertain to this project.   As we go thru the review of the project we can ask for more as issues come up.


Mr Lea and Mr McLean then lead a discussion on drainage flows and requirements as set by the ordinances.   The board has received a letter of concern and recommendations.


Mr Schott returned to the board at 8:06PM.






Mr Doug Ellison, owner, was present representing this application.   Mr Ellison stated that all he wanted to do was to eliminate the property lines between lots 2 and 3 to create 1 lot.    Mr Lea lead a discussion on phosphorous calculations in developments like this one and there effects.   He concluded that the calculation is off by .09 lbs indicating more phosphorous is going into Hooper Pond.   It was also noted that there is minor ditch erosion and the question of the differences of paved and unpaved roads exporting phosphorous.   It is not known if the new calculation was done including a dirt road and for the credit for the old road.   Therefore the calculation needs to be done again making sure these points are taken into consideration.






The Finding of Facts for Burgess Acres and Greene IGA were signed by the members present.









VII.                       INFORMATIONAL EXCHANGE




VIII.                           CORRESPONDENCE


An invitation was received for any Board members to attend an Idea Generating Forum for the Androscoggin River development.   It will be held on September 13, 2011, from 8:00AM to 4:00PM at AVCOG.



Seeing no other discussion, Mr. Schott made a motion for adjournment.  Mr McLean seconded the motion.  The Board Members voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:56pm.



Respectfully submitted by,



Peter Jolicoeur