Town of Greene, Maine

Planning Board Minutes

May 10, 2011


      Rebecca Laliberte, Chairman, 946-3687

      Peter Jolicoeur, Secretary & Associate, 946-7250

      John Bennett, Treasurer, 946-4125

      Gaetan Breton, Jr., 576-6812

      George Schott, Associate, 946-7972

      Joseph McLean, Associate 212-9350

      Jennifer Heath 576-5093

      Ferg Lea – AVCOG, 783-9186


                                     CALL TO ORDER


Chairman, Rebecca Laliberte called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:30pm.  Those Members present were Ms. Laliberte, Joseph McLean, Peter Jolicoeur, Gaetan Breton, Jr and George Schott.   Board Members John Bennett and Heather Heath were not present.  Also present were AVCOG representative Ferg Lea and Selectmen liaison Don Bedford.   CEO Randy Ray was also present.    


I.                ANNOUNCEMENTS:


(A)    Planning Board Agenda for the June 14, 2011 meeting closes

May 31, 2011.


(B)   Next regular Planning Board Meeting is June 14, 2011 at

  7:00PM at the Greene Town Office.


(C)    All AVCOG fees must be paid prior to the signing of the Final



II.               MINUTES FOR THE May 10, 2011 PLANNING BOARD



Ms Karen Wilcox read the announcements.   Ms Rebecca Laliberte the announced that Ms Wilcox will no longer be present as Recording Secretary.   Those duties will be shifted over to the Secretary, Peter Jolicoeur.


Mr. Joseph McLean made a motion to accept the March 8, 2011 Planning Board Minutes.  Mr. Gaetan Breton Jr seconded the motion.  The Planning Board Members voted 4 in favor and 1 abstention to accept the March 8, 2011 Minutes.  Mr. Peter Jolicoeur abstained from voting because he was not present at the March 8, 2011 meeting. 


III.                    TREASURERS REPORT


Mr John Bennett was not present so the Treasurers Report was tabled.






IV.              CEO REPORT


Mr. Randy Ray reported that there were a total of 4 permits issued since the last Planning Board meeting.  These permits were for 1 home, 1 mobile home, 1 deck, and 1 fill.   Mr Ray also stated the town now has a new digitized Flood Zone map that is available for anyone to look at.   See Randy for the map.   Also, the MYLARs are in to be signed for GEORGE SCHOTT-BUSINESS EXPANSION, all members present need to sign.





V.                     ELECTION OF OFFICERS


Mr Schott made a motion to postpone the election officers until the next meeting when all members may be present.   Mr McLean seconded the motion.   The vote was unanimous to postpone.




This item is regarding a subdivision approved in 2005 with regards to Lot 3 and the preparation of a Phosphorous Count and a Storm Water Report.   Mr Lea summarized his findings stating that the parcel includes 17 acres of land with 2 house lots and a public ball field.   Mr Lea went on to state that by using the latest rates for the calculation the parcel easily supports 2 house lots.   We need to revisit for a 3rd house lot being proposed for this parcel.   Mr Lea then stated that the DEP changes were dramatic.   The feeling was that the old rates should be used for the 2 existing lots, remove the area of the ball field from the calculation, and use the new rates for the new lot.   The results of the calculation for the entire parcel remain under the required levels.   Mr Mclean agreed that the results would be under the required levels and then there was a discussion on how the calculation was done in relation to residential and commercial rates.   Mr Schott then made a motion to accept the results being under the required level, Mr Breton seconded.   There was then further discussion on specific areas of lawn, driveway, etc, and uses of the new rates for the calculation.   The results of the vote are 3 approved, 1 opposed due to some of the differences.


VII.                      IGA PARKING LOT EXPANSION


Mr Tony Bussier was present representing the Greene IGA.   The topics discussed were from the to-do  list from the last meeting.   They are:


Showing a 24 foot driving lane on the plan;   this is included on the plan.


Erosion Control;   There was a discussion of erosion behind the garage from melting snow as that is where the snow is piled.   The pavement would be about 3 feet above the pavement with a well grassed slope.   Mr McLean stated that if the slope was more than a 1 foot drop for every 3 feet of distance the slope will need to be rip rapped and curb stops put in.   Mr Lea led a discussion on drainage at the rear entrance.   There are no drainage grates there and rain water could pond in that area.   Grading will need to be done water runoff.

Ms Laliberte asked what the total number of parking spots will be.   There are 75 existing and 23 proposed new ones, with a total of 98.   There will only be painted lines designating parking spots and no curb stops.   She also stated that there was a request from an abutter for the IGA to add bushes along a portion of West Main St to create a buffer from the residential area.   Mr McLean then read the ‘Buffer Area Ordinance’ in the Planning Board Manual.   The consensus was that the IGA didn’t need to do this because of the distance from any residential area, but if the wanted to put low shrubbery in that area they could.


Removal of 3 spots;   this was noted as done.


Fire Department Notification;   Ms Laliberte noted that the Fire Chief had not responded and that should mean that the department has no issues.   It was also noted that the Road Commissioner has no issues with the proposal.


ADA Spots;   There is no extra space on the plan for door opening at the handicapped accessible spots.   Mr McLean led a discussion on state guidelines for ADA spots and that there should be a 5 foot separation between these spots for proper access.


Grading;   it was noted that the grading appears to be adequate on the plan.


Closing of the old car dealer entrance;   Mr Lea lead a discussion on closings of entrances onto major roads and how studies show how it impacts safety being why the MDOT is looking at limiting the number of entrances for businesses.   Ms Laliberte stated that we look to the state requirements as a guideline and that we could be stricter than the state.   Mr Bretton expressed a sense of not require the applicant to close the entrances.   Mr Schott stated the additional parking could increase problems in that area and that closing the entrance would make it safer.   Mr McLean stated that there are safety issues with multiple curb openings to major roadways and supports closing one entrance.   Then there was a discussion about the closing of one entrance could add more parking spots and some order to the parking area.   It would be more ideal to redesign the entire parking lot with fewer entrances in the future.   Then the discussion went to the possibility of closing 2 entrances and opening a new one in a more efficient location.   The applicant should inquire if the MDOT would let them do that.   There was further discussion on ADA requirements.   It was then stated that the town will work with the applicant to improve the sight distance from the rear entrance.   Ms Laliberte then stated that the board will not require a new MYLAR but only require 2 paper copies of the plan to be signed.   Mr Mclean then made a motion to accept the plan with the closing of an entrance and a clean copy of the plan.   Mr Schott seconded the motion.   Mr Bretton then made a motion to amend the motion to not include the closing of an entrance.   There was no second.   The original motion was voted unanimous.


Mr Charles Noonan, Town Manager, then stated that MDOT has funded some money to design a turning lane on that section of route 202 and that design and partial construction could start in the fall.    That the applicant may want to wait as it could change to scope of the plan.




VIII.                    FLORIDA POWER AND LIGHT


Florida Light and Power is represented by Mr Ernest Deluca, Recreation Enterprise Manager.   Mr Deluca stated that FPL is looking to develop recreation trail system with parking and picnic areas at the River Road access to Golf Island Pond.   This area would also include a sanitation facility.   This area is currently open to the public as an informal recreation area.   The question was asked about trash receptacles.    Mr Deluca stated that there would be signage indicating it is a ‘carry in – carry out’ area and open from dusk to dawn.   Mr Schott stated he owns land across the road and is in favor of the project but requested that FPL install ‘no parking’ signs on that side of the road.   There was a lengthy discussion on vandalism in the area.   Mr Deluca was requested to submit an application for the next meeting.   The site visit was then scheduled for June 13, 2011, at 5:30PM.   Members are to meet at the site.




Northeast Wireless Networks is represented this evening by Mr Dave Duplise and Mr Tim Nolan.   Mr Duplise stated that the company has a leasing agreement with the owners of the cell towers on Bogg Rd and Buzzell Lane with the plan to add cell antennas to those towers.   Mr Nolan then gave an overview of the plan indicating the types of equipment being installed on the towers and the shed being erected on site.   Nothing would be done outside the fenced in areas at either location.   Mr McLean made a motion to accept the plan as complete, Mr Bretton seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.   Then the Standards were reviewed from the Planning Board Manual, 6-501.   All Articles were either met or not applicable, or not changing.   Mr Schott made a motion to approve the plan, Mr Bretton seconded the motion.   The vote was unanimous to accept.




Members present signed the mylars.


XI.                     INFORMATION EXCHANGE




XII.                  CORRESPONDENCE


Ms. Laliberte stated an invitation had been received to attend an AVCOG Training session


Seeing no other discussion, Mr. Schott made a motion for adjournment.  Mr. McLean seconded the motion.  The Board Members voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:54PM.



Respectfully submitted by,



Peter Jolicoeur